Urbandale, Iowa is home to a variety of eco tourism attractions, locations, and tastes. The Living History Farm is one of the state's top tourism attractions and located right here in Urbandale! Visitors are able to step back in time and see the methods of life in the "good ole' days". Each season Urbandale has something great to explore and ways to gain memorable experiences. Travel through over 39 miles of maintained trails and take in the beautiful scenery found at every corner. Families can explore the Wading Pool at Lions Park and the South Karen Acres, and play at The Aquatic Playground in town. When the seasons change to winter, the playing activities take a great turn. Residents and visitors can bundle up and ride down the sledding hills, go ice-skating, and try snowshoeing! Any time of year will bring experiences of a lifetime, so unique they can only be found in Urbandale Iowa!

Common Urbandale Wildlife Problems

Residents of Urbandale have found unique experiences in their homes and businesses. Critter Control of Des Moines has solved wildlife problems for residents of Urbandale Iowa. Wildlife removal, wildlife damage repairs, and wildlife prevention are all necessary steps of control. Professional methods are important to ensure the wildlife problem is solved efficiently and safely. Incorrect rodent control can cause more problems than good. Rodents may die inside your home and create a big stink and a possible insect investigation - starting more problems for you! Trust Critter Control of Des Moines to handle your toughest wildlife control problem.

Urbandale Wildlife Removal

If you hear animal noises in your home, or smell something musky that could be a dead animal odor, call Critter Control of Des Moines. Our team will remove any wildlife problem and ensure protection from wildlife for seasons to come!

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