Great Horned Owl Removed from Omaha Buisness

A local Omaha business recently called us at Critter Control because an animal was stuck in the furnace pipe. When Critter Control arrived for animal removal duty, our specialist found a Great Horned Owl stuck inside the pipe, unable to fly out.

It's not unusual for an owl to find themselves stuck in a chimney or furnace pipe jutting from the roof. Once an owl falls a few feet into the chimney or pipe they cannot climb or fly out. This local Great Horned Owl was lucky to be found sooner than later. After removing the owl from the furnace pipe we found the bird was extremely malnourished after being stuck of a few days.

Our team was able to remove the bird with no issues but was unable to release it because of its poor health and low weight. The bird now is at the Raptor Recovery Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, gaining weight and regaining its health. When the center feels they are ready to release the bird they will return it to its original territory so the owl becomes re-acclimated to its surroundings.