Critter Control of Des Moines comes across raccoons in chimneys mostly in the spring, although the raccoons will take advantage of an uncapped chimney during other times of the year.  Typically in the spring, a raccoon has moved into a chimney to raise her babies inside the flue, in what she believes is a safe environment for them.  If you are hearing scratching in your chimney and a purring sound, then it is very likely you have a mother raccoon and babies inside the flue of your chimney.  In this situation, NEVER set a fire in the fireplace to drive the animals out!  The babies will not be old enough to climb out on their own and the mother will not be able to move all of the babies at once, meaning, she will only be able to get one or two out safely before the other babies will perish from the heat of the fire or smoke inhalation.  It is always best to call in a professional if you think an animal is in your chimney Critter Control of Des Moines is capable of removing the animals humanely, regardless of the style of your fireplace.  The following pictures are an example of how Critter Control is able to remove the animals.  If you are hearing strange noises coming from your fireplace, such as scratching or purring sounds, call Critter Control of Des Moines at 515-505-8963!