Recognized by the white strips running down its back and pungent odor, skunks are commonly found in Nebraska. Although the Striped Skunk is the most common, Spotted Skunks can also be found here. Striped Skunks range in length from 20-38 inches and weigh on average 6-8lbs. They are omnivores and come out at dawn and dusk to search for such things to eat as mice, eggs and berries. During the winter skunks go into a semi-active state rather than true hibernation. In the spring females will have litters of typically 4-8 young. It is common for the females to share dens while the males live alone.

The two most common issues customers call Critter Control about involving skunks are the skunks living on their property, under a deck or shed, or grubbing in their yard. Especially in the fall and during droughts, skunks will dig up yards searching for grubs and other insects, hence why it is called grubbing. The best way to get rid of a nuisance skunk is by live trapping it and then removing it from the property. There are no repellants for skunks.