Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Des Moines offers professional wildlife control services for when you have mice in the walls, raccoons in the attic, or bats in the chimney. These wild animals can create extensive damages to your home that can be difficult to repair as an untrained homeowner. Trust us to get rid of your problem animal, repair damages, and prevent future invasions.

Wildlife Damage

Each wildlife species will create different severities of damages. Mice are chewers. They need to constantly gnaw and chew on things to keep their ever-growing teeth under control. This causes damage to books, furniture, building structures, and electrical wires.

Raccoons are strong animals that can tear through almost any building material. They are known for creating damage to roofs, siding, and more. Bat droppings (guano) will build up greatly over time. The piles of guano created will harbor fungal spores that can cause health problems for you and your family.

Call Critter Control of Des Moines to get rid of the problem animal and begin repairing the damages!


Critter Control of Des Moines is your full-service wildlife control company. Your technician will back up their work with prevention methods that will keep wildlife out for time to come. Some damage repairs may second as prevention techniques. Your technician will implement the necessary prevention methods for your unique wildlife control problem. Raccoons and mice will require prevention methods specific to their habits.

Vent screens, chimney caps, and other materials can be used for exclusion. Habitat modification is another method that may be used to keep wildlife away from your home. Critter Control of Des Moines is your company for complete wildlife control services. We get the animals out and keep them out!

No domestic animal calls please

Common Problem Wildlife

Critter Control of Des Moines can manage any wildlife control problem involving bats, mice, raccoons, moles, squirrels, armadillos, badgers, and more!

If you suspect the need for wildlife control services, call Critter Control of Des Moines. (515) 505-8963