Attic Restoration and Cleaning 

Attic Restoration Des MoinesAnimals inside your attic can be a stinky and permanent problem. With Critter Control of Des Moines, it doesn't have to be! Not only will we remove and prevent problematic animals, we will clean up their mess and restore your attic to its original, functioning state.

We see significant damage from animal infestations on a regular basis; we will assist with cleanup, restoration and any necessary structural improvements. Animals - especially raccoons, rats and mice - can permanently ruin insulation, floorboards and wires in your attic. We will remove and clean up feces, and remove the damaged insulation, and replace it with the new TAP cellulose insulation.

TAP insulation is Energy Star rated and one of the best R-values available! This insulation is produced from recycled materials and is environmentally friendly. It will absorb sound, control insects and is fire resistant. TAP insulation will save energy and money!

For more information on attic restoration and cleaning or TAP insulation, call Critter Control of Des Moines at 515-505-8963