Animal Droppings/Feces Removal

Animal droppings can be dangerous to remove as they may carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to pets and humans. When you have a problem animal removed by Critter Control of Des Moines, we will remove animal feces and droppings. If ignored the droppings will cause difficult stains and terrible odors. Protect your home, your family and your pets. Have your problem animal and their droppings removed by Critter Control of Des Moines. 515-505-8963

Attic/Soffit/Louvre Vent Screen Guards

Critter Control of Des Moines offers prevention services that are species-specific and will ensure protection from unwanted wildlife. We offer professional technicians, materials and techniques, such as attic fan vents, roof vent guards, gable vent closures and soffit vent repairs. Our team can animal-proof your home today!!

Carcass/Dead Animal Removal

Wild animals are... WILD! They will twist and turn and fight to get into small areas to make their homes. Sometimes, it does not end up well for the wild animal and they get stuck and will die in your walls, ceiling, attic or chimney. Dead animals will lead to health hazards, insect infestations, stains, and a terrible odor that will linger and is difficult to remove. Critter Control of Des Moines will remove the animal(s) and leave our special deodorizers, neutralizers and air purifiers to make the nasty smell go away. 

Chimney Cap and Screen Installation

Critter Control offers a wide range of animal prevention products and services. Chimney caps and screen installations are one of our most popular prevention techniques. It will reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals such as bats and raccoons. Allow a Critter Control technician from Des Moines to explain our prevention methods and their benefits!

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