Mole Wildlife Control

Can't figure out why your yard and flowerbeds are all torn up around your home or office? Sounds like you may have a mole control problem! If you're experiencing mole problems in the Greater Des Moines area, we can help. Call the local mole removal professionals at Critter Control of Des Moines at (515) 505-8963, and we will quickly and effectively eliminate your mole problems.

Mole Description

In their search for food, moles burrow in lawns, meadows, stream banks, and open woodlots, creating elaborate underground tunnels. They feed mainly on earthworms and insect larvae (grubs). Only rarely seen above ground, moles are 4 to 9 inches long, including the tail, with long dark gray or brown fur. Their eyes are tiny, like a pinhead, and the tail and feet are usually pink. They have no visible ears.

Mole Damage

As moles burrow, they sometimes damage plants, but the major problems with moles are the mounds and ridges that disfigure lawns. As they tunnel just below the surface, moles raise the sod up with their front digging feet, looking for food or new tunneling sites. They can push up surface tunnels at the rate of a foot per minute if the soil is loose. They prefer loose, moist soil shaded by vegetation. This can be a tremendous health hazard as ankles can easily be sprained if not avoided.

We Solve Mole Problems

Critter Control of Des Moines’ mole control and removal technicians are properly trained in how to get rid of moles and in the elimination of mole and pest problems using a variety of wildlife control techniques.

Don’t let moles make a mess of your yard, and create a hazardous area for you and your family. Call us now to solve your Mole problems at (515) 505-8963 or email us at

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