Stinging Insect Removal

Stinging Insects in Your Home?

Stinging insects as a classification, cover a wide range of insects from bees to wasps, and when you need stinging insects removed from your home, turn to Critter Control. No matter what kind of stinging insect you are dealing with, Critter Control of Des Moines can remove it and keep it from returning. As soon as you notice that there’s more than just one or two stinging insects inside your home, call us at (515) 505-8963, and we’ll end your inconvenience before it becomes a nightmare.

Critter Control of Des Moines receives calls on a regular basis regarding stinging insects getting into homes or causing issues on property. Recently we ran into a large honey bee nest that had grown inside the soffit of a home, causing multiple bees to enter the home regularly. Nests and hives in homes create terrifying situations and we are here to help keep you and your family safe!

Be Safe, Instead of Sorry

Stinging insects can be very dangerous and are more commonly seen in large numbers. This makes approaching them a very risky move. Stinging insects typically attack when they feel they or their hive is threatened. If you have bees in your home or a hive on your property, do not attempt to approach, but call Critter Control of Des Moines as soon as possible!

At Critter Control of Des Moines, we will eliminate the stinging insects, and also remove and clean up the nest that is left behind. 

Please call the Critter Control of Des Moines office today! We are here to help! Call to schedule your home inspection today.  (515) 505-8963